February 18, 2021 9:46 am

Norman Eng

When teaching online, do you ever need to write on the virtual chalkboard? Or show your hands and materials on a table?

I do. Since I teach math education, I’ll show my undergrads how to use math manipulatives (counting blocks, etc.), how to plot points on an x-y graph, or just steps of an equation in real time.

But it’s hard to do this online. Virtual chalkboards (like those on Zoom) require you write with your fingers on the laptop trackpad or with your mouse, which is hard to control. My writings are barely legible. I could use a stylus, but I’d need a separate pad. I could also buy an iPad, but we know it’s expensive. And none of them helps with showing materials.

Now, a product called MirrorMeThis is trying to help. It’s basically a low-tech mirror tool that hooks over your laptop camera and reflects down to your keyboard (think of a modern-aged overhead projector). Add a piece of cardboard and paper to cover your keyboard, and presto, you have a flat surface for writing and/or to show materials. And it’s less than US$15…for now.

Here’s my first take on using MirrorMeThis. It’s a quick down-and-dirty unedited video of me showing how it works.

(Note: I recorded this video for my education students/future teachersand not for professional purposesso it is unpolished:)

Is there potential for this gadget for online teaching? What do you think?

Would love to hear your comments!

NOTE: I do not earn any affiliate commission on this product; I’m simply reporting about this new tool I came across this week.

  • Sounds great! I could definitely use something like this – I have to write a lot on the board, and this might make it easier. Thanks for this!

  • I will share with Mario Morin who is leading our professional development for Math at one of our Ascender colleges. This may be of interest to us.

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I’m on the Mirror Me This Team – would you mind if we shared your experience with our audience?

    • Sure – The product seems to have potential – I’d like to find a way to make the mirroring easier to deal with, rather than having to use Photo Booth; but otherwise, not bad!

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