Last week I conducted classes virtually and in real time on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Collaborate Ultra (Blackboard’s videoconferencing feature). And the whole time all I could focus on was the sea of blank

Over the past couple of weeks, I tweaked my “Question, Quotation, or Comment” (QQC) strategy, which encourages students to come to class more prepared. And it looks promising. If you haven’t heard of QQC,

What is the ONE thing students wish professors would better understand? Aside from the obvious—that students have busy lives outside of school, that they take four other classes aside from yours—there are always new

Bombing the Guest Lecture After more than 30 years as an executive in Silicon Valley, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to teach Business 70 at my alma mater, Santa Clara University (SCU).

Marketing is all about creating relationships with customers. While students aren’t customers, professors can still learn a lot from the way marketers engage with their target audience and position their message. Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

Listen (or read the transcript) here on the Social Academic, with Jennifer van Alstyne! Here’s a breakdown of the interview: 01:35    Norman Eng’s background 02:50    What is Norman’s company, EducationxDesign, about? 04:18

From 2012 to 2015, I was toiling in academia. The teaching. The planning. The grading. The emailing. The researching. The writing. Doing all the things I’m expected to do as a budding scholar. Like

I’m supposed to say that teaching is rewarding. Or that the life of a professor—where you study the thing you love as a career (and get paid for it!)—is a dream. But the better

It’s just past mid-semester. How’s your teaching going so far—are students engaged and learning? Here are some imperfect and wholly informal indicators. But indicators nonetheless. Students are participating. The most obvious sign is when

Every semester, I ask my students the #1 thing they wish they could tell their professors. Something they wouldn’t tell you directly. Something you may not always recognize or appreciate. And even if you