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LATEST! Teaching effectively Post-COVID 

  • A 3-part workshop to help you plan and engage ALL students, no matter if they are tuning in face-to-face, online, or hybrid
  • A 4-Part Framework to structure all your modules and lessons 
  • How to implement (i.e., EXECUTE) your module or lesson when so much coordination is involved

3 FREE lessons to get you started

  • Lesson 1: Learn my #1 go-to lecture format for teaching new content
  • Lesson 2: I debunk the two biggest myths in college teaching that can instantly change your approach
  • Lesson 3: Watch how one instructor made 5 tweaks that got her a teaching job

See my actual lesson module that gets students excited, PLUS...

...9 more teaching resources that you can use RIGHT NOW:
  • A grade sheet template that holds students accountable
  • My actual welcome video I record for students
  • How backward design can instantly enhance students' sense of control 
  • My template for keeping track of breakout group discussions online
  • See how I get students to watch my whole video (without skipping ahead!)
  • And much, much MORE

Make your classroom lectures ENGAGING

  • Develop a "student profile" to help you create lessons they care about 
  • Get the only 3 lesson formats you'll need to teach any class
  • Plan each class using a simple lesson template, called the 1SLP
  • Find out which of the 10 activities you can use to liven any class
  • And much, much more.

Plan, teach, & engage your students virtually

  • Learn how to make your course ready for virtual instruction
  • Create an engaging online syllabus in 6 simple steps 
  • Use our templates to develop synchronous and asynchronous lessons
  • Learn how to assess students virtually
  • Find out the only tech tools you'll need without the overwhelm 

Learn how to teach (I teach you LIVE)

Do you prefer learning in real time—so that you can talk to others and get more accountability? If so, TCL is perfect for you.
  •  Learn the Teaching College Masterclass and Teaching College Online system in a LIVE format over Zoom 
  • Get real time feedback, Q&A, and real interactions with your cohort
  • Download step-by-step workbooks & implementation guides for each class
  • Earn a TCL certificate of completion after this two-week intensive course

Get LIVE coaching, training, and consulting

If you prefer a more custom experience—whether 1-on-1 coaching, speaking engagement, workshop training for your staff, or consulting on a project, contact me directly. 

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7 Proven Steps to Planning, Teaching, and Engaging Your Students