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Lynn Deluca


Never before had I viewed my course syllabus as an instructional tool for engaging and motivating students. Dr. Eng’s practical book provides important insight for instructors seeking new approaches to providing a meaningful educational experience for their students. 

Dina R. D'Alessandro


I have both of Norman’s books (this and Teaching College) and they have not only helped me focus on content and delivery, but made me feel more confident in general. I wish every teacher was willing and able to open their minds and follow the guidance in here. It’s been such a wonderful experience having my students tell me they’ve appreciated how I teach.

David Bordeaux


What I like most about this book was the frame of mind. It's exceptionally important to know what the end result is that you want from your students and work backwards from there. This book helps you to do just that in order to not only build your syllabus but also your curriculum. I do recommend this book for teachers of all kinds, including those of us who are who teach both in an academic setting and a non-traditional setting.

Joel Raney

Asst. Director, Curriculum

Norman Eng hasn’t just created a brilliant guide to creating a more engaging syllabus, but he’s brought clarity to being a more effective teacher. This little book is packed with powerful takeaways. For example, he establishes why it’s so important to narrow our focus. He suggests that as we plan our courses, we cut out 30% of what we think we’ll teach. I’m convinced.

What Will You Learn?

The right way to think about your syllabus (and no...it's NOT a contract!!)

How to define the "big picture" questions that shape your syllabus as well as your opening.

How to determine the topics, readings, and assignments that should go in your syllabus. 

How to design the syllabus for visual appeal, even if you are NOT a designer.

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Norman Eng challenges professors to think differently about syllabi so that students actually read the syllabus and are engaged and excited about the content. The book is full of relate-able anecdotes, examples and suggestions on how to easily transform your syllabus, so that students will be curious and excited about the content--isn't that the goal of all professors? 

Andrea MT

Once again Dr. Norman Eng has produced another masterpiece for all readers especially as it relates to creating a syllabus. Dr. Eng understands the needs of all college students and the importance of connecting the dots from a syllabus that may be intimidating, boring and/or irrelevant to engaging and thought-provoking that compels his student populations to inquire within.

Marc bertrand

At 60+ with a long career as an executive, now a newbie to the college professor thing - Dr. Eng has nailed it. My initial dread (and attempt to replicate what I saw) is gone, replaced with excitement for my total offering to my learners - from syllabus to final.

James Stikeleather

Only a few pages into Norman's book and already I am questioning: "Why doesn't every teacher do it this way? I can only imagine the student response to a syllabus written exclusively with their interest in mind. I cannot wait to apply Norman's clear suggestions to my own classes.

Dave k.

An invaluable resource for educators looking to create effective course syllabi.

Gian Singh, CEO of Guru Nanak Institute of Global Studies

One of the book's key features is that it provides a step-by-step process for creating a syllabus that will attract and retain students. The author offers tips on how to include interactive and inclusive elements in the syllabus to students motivated. Overall, this book is an excellent tool for educators looking to create dynamic and engaging course syllabi that will set their students up for success.


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Is "create an engaging syllabus" appropriate for me?

If you teach any program or course from high school through college, then this ebook can help. Most instructors follow the syllabus format from the previous instructor, which is a big mistake. This book shows you a better way, by intriguing and motivating students from Day 1 of class. Do not waste this opportunity to hook students--and the syllabus is the best place to do this. 

If you have very little influence over your syllabus, I still advise you to take a look at this book. There are strategies and ideas that you may be able to incorporate while still respecting the requirements of your department. 

I love the book! But i want to learn more - what can i do?

First off, if you read my book, thank you. 

Second, I've designed a course, Teaching College Online, which helps you delve deeper. It also updates the content of the book to include virtual instruction. Find out details HERE

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