April 19, 2017 10:27 pm

Norman Eng

How can you engage your undergraduates? I delve into the “You, Y’all, We” approach in Hacking Engagement, Jim Sturtevant’s education podcast.

Listen here.


  • I have enjoyed listening to your various interviews with Jennifer Gonzales and James Sturtevant regarding teach college!
    Like many of your followers I’ve been going through your book (very excellent by the way) and looking at opportunities organically integrate some of these teaching ideas and approaches. I realize that your focus is grounded in K-12 pedagogy and wondered if you could speak into the application of andragogy and whether it has any relevance to teaching college.
    Prior to teaching college I spent several years teaching and learning to teach Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines while in the Army.
    Prior to being ‘permitted’ to teach we had to go through several intensive weeks of training, presentations, and evaluation of teaching, followed by several courses in classroom management and related topics. Still, I had never learned some of the approaches to teaching college that you’ve brought up, so I’m grateful for this information.
    Thanks for all you do, and I’ll look forward to reading your expanded individual chapters!

  • Thanks, Eugene. My work is grounded in the ideas of communication–particularly marketing–and K-12, which for many is a different way to see teaching.

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