October 15, 2017 10:25 am

Norman Eng

Professors, if you’ve been too busy to plan lectures, I have one solution called the ONE-SENTENCE LESSON PLAN. Read my guest post on Cult of Pedagogy.

Thoughts? Would love to know if it helps.

  • I think the one sentence lesson plan has ALOT of potential. Love the reference to Sinek as he’s really into the WHY thing. Will try it for my next lecture!

  • I think the prompts are brilliant! “Students will be able to…” I use something similar when teaching students how to create a research title, problem statement, or purpose statement.
    The formula is simple and hard to get wrong! I’m already re-planning today’s lesson!

    Btw are you familiar with Chip Conley’s Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success
    He applies a similar simple formulaic process to deconstruct various emotions. It’s absolutely worth checking out.

    Thanks for your insights!

  • During an observation today, I posted the one sentence lesson plan to my podium to help me stay focused. I will be using this technique again.

  • Great post, great advice! Thank you, Dr. Eng! Quick question: Do you think there is any advantage to sharing (or not sharing) this strategy with your students–that is, to explain to them what the one-sentence lesson plan is, and why you’re doing it?

    (I hope I’m making sense!)

    • Peter, I know that teachers (esp in the primary and secondary level) often share the lesson objectives (which is similar to the 1SLP)–sometimes even explicitly on the board–with their students. I have nothing against sharing it, but I do caution against drilling it into them (some schools force students to recite the lesson objective everyday).

      I definitely would bring up the three elements of the 1SLP at appropriate points. For me, however, I see the one-sentence lesson plan more for planning purposes than anything else. I’d rather turn it into a student-friendly question that pushes them to think of answers. Hope that makes sense!

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