September 26, 2020 11:01 am

Norman Eng

GradBlogger podcast host Dr. Chris Cloney and I talk about my self-publishing experiences and how professors can turn their expertise into a potentially profitable book. This is for you if you’ve been frustrated with not just traditional publishers, but with academia.

Do you feel like you’re putting in the work and not getting enough in return? Are you working long hours and not sure where it’s leading you? Do you have something you want to teach to the world? And make some money at the same time?

Great. But there is a method to doing this. Without one, you’ll end up like the 95 percent of self-publishers out there whose book never takes off. Why? Because it doesn’t focus on the reader and his or her problem. And yes, marketing is a big part of the game.

Before you write your next book, listen HERE for my seven-step process! (Transcript available as well.)

Highlights of our talk:

02:47  Leaving my professional fate in the hands of the “gatekeepers” (i.e., toiling in academia)

05:00  The mindset of “choosing yourself,” rather than having OTHERS choose you.

09:55  How I got started online (have you ever wanted to start something online?)

14:07  Delving into the world of self-publishing

21:37  My seven steps to self-publishing

30:26  How do you determine what resonates with your audience?

37:53  Recommendations on researching and positioning your book

43:35  Tips to market your book

52:26  How to apply to join Norman’s Beta Group Coaching Program for Self-Publishing

Interested in getting your work out to the world through a book? First, get my free 7-step guide! If you want more, apply to join my beta group coaching program to see if you’re a fit!

Again, click HERE to listen.

  • Great interview, Norman! I downloaded the 7-step guided as well as the coaching program. looking forward to hearing more about this! Been thinking about exactly this, getting my expertise out in the world and no rely only on one way.

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