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Adam F.

Author, Presenter

You know a book is valuable when you can open it up to just about any page and find something useful. Practical, accessible, easy to read, and easier to implement, all college instructors (and frankly, non-college teachers) would benefit from a thorough reading and re-reading of this book. It'll be one you keep open in the background. It's like PRESENTATION ZEN but specifically for teaching (which is a different animal from *just* presenting). Bravo. 

Paul V.

Senior Associate, Real Estate Law

As a legal professional and a frequent presenter at educational events, I’m always looking for ways to improve audience understanding. Dr. Eng has produced a fantastic guide to improving the way we present and think about how we present information to our audience. I highly recommend this book for anyone who presents in their work (professor or otherwise).

Karen T.


Norman Eng's publications help university professors, especially those who may not have had other background and experience in teaching as an act of communication and meaning-making, to share knowledge via presentation in an effective way that meets students' needs and enhances engagement.

Julie P.


What is the one book you could read to vastly improve your presentations? THIS ONE. I present for a living, and, while I think I am pretty good at it, this book is gonna change things up! Perfect combination of cognitive science, practical experience, and common sense.

What Will You Learn?

The ONE mindset about presenting that will change the way you approach slide presentations forever.

How to craft a focused message that will get audiences to engage with your content.

An outline (read: TEMPLATE) for teaching that will enable students to learn content actively.

How to design slides that make content stand out and eliminate the clutter. (This is you've been waiting for, right?)

Who This is For

Professors, Scholars, & school Teachers

Whether you teach or research, you are expected to communicate your content widely. Maybe you teach in a classroom. Maybe you present research at a conference. If you don't present your ideas effectively, students won't get you. Audiences won't buy into your ideas. Scholars and teachers never learn how to communicate their work effectively. This book is designed to change that.  

College Administrators

Want to improve the way your faculty members present? Then PRESENTING can help. This book can help them teach and present at conferences more effectively. Workshops and speaking engagements related to slide presentations are available.  


If you present to any large group, then PRESENTING can help you streamline your message, slides, and delivery. As with college administrators, workshops based on the book are available to dig deeper and help you present your best.

Other Amazon Reviews from Real Readers

Dr. Eng encourages teachers to rethink how we present our information and gives detailed explanation and strategies on how to be an effective presenter. He explains how students (and we) learn and retain information and how professors can truly help in this process through effective teaching and student engagement techniques.

Maria g.

A powerful guide on how to switch from preparing a mere presentation to a true form of presenting that gives you the necessary tools you need to become an active participant in the verb that is Presenting. 

Daniela T.

This was a humbling read because it made me realize that I have been trying to shove too much information at my students. Reminders on how much time we have to make an impression and capture attention are helpful. I also appreciated the very specific ways to convey topics. There is truly nothing else like this available for higher ed educators. 

Becky o. 

[Dr. Eng's] books are so practical and easy to read! This one is no exception. I like how he breaks things down and gives you the bottom line at the end of each chapter. As a teacher, it is always struggle to make presentations engaging. Now I feel like I have to knowledge and tools to be more enegaging and effective. I am even considering making this one of the required texts for my public speaking class.

D. smith


See How Easily You Can Level Up Your Presentations Skills.


Is Presenting (the book) right for me?

Anyone who presents information--whether in the classroom, the conference room, online, or at the meeting room--can learn how to present slides effectively with this book.

In the end, slide presentations are about communication. PRESENTING shows you a method for narrowing your focus (so that audiences remember your main point), crafting an outline, and designing your slides so that they all align with what you say. 

Do you provide services for coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements? 

Yes. Get a custom designed program that works for you and/or your staff. For details, go to the Training page HERE.

Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes. For the ebook (retail value US$9.99), there is a 20 percent discount for 20 copies or more. For the paperback (normally US$24.99), refer to the following:

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