December 7, 2019 10:29 am

Norman Eng

Listen (or read the transcript) here on the Social Academic, with Jennifer van Alstyne!

Here’s a breakdown of the interview:

01:35    Norman Eng’s background
02:50    What is Norman’s company, EducationxDesign, about?
04:18    How to use design to improve the way you communicate/teach
06:03    How to balance teaching and having a business
10:20    How Norman made over $25K from one book: his journey in self-publishing
15:40    The importance of marketing a book and how it’s different than writing a traditionally-published book
17:55    The first (and perhaps the most important) thing to consider to ensure self-publishing success
19:42    Is your book topic profitable?
21:43    The psychology of self-publishing
21:54    What kinds of books/topics should you self-publish?
27:13    Where to get Norman’s 7-step PDF guide for self-publishing
29:05    How does social media play a role in promoting your work?
35:30    How to leverage big-name podcasters and bloggers to get your work out there
40:40    New book –  Presenting: The Professor’s Guide to Powerful Communication
Click here to listen to the podcast.


  • Love this interview! Really loved how you figured out what topics/ideas are profitable and will succeed. Hope to hear you do more of these.

  • I love the timeline you provide! This makes busy people happy. We can see exactly what is going to be discussed, and allows us to skip around if needed or decide if we will invest the time in listening. I can’t tell you how many podcasts I’ve listened to and been so disappointed that they spent the first 15 minutes in small talk; what a let down and waste of time. Great content too!

    • Thanks Jessica! I’m all about the “user experience” – making it easier for audiences (esp our students!!) to get from Point A to Point B successfully in the shortest amount of time.

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