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Adjunct Lecturer

I recently read Teaching College by Norman Eng Ed.D. Can I just say WOW? I have recommended this short, easy to read guide to my university’s department chair so that the other 30+ adjuncts can learn and apply these useful and relevant tips. Visit Dr. Eng on his blog, too!



The author, a university professor himself, who has worked both in marketing and K-12 education, clearly masters his subject and provides numerous examples that make it easy to put into practice the strategies he proposes. For the sake of our students and of learning in general, I would recommend this book to anyone who stands in front of a classroom.

Mark Dust

Adjunct Lecturer

I completely changed the way I teach with the student engagement strategies outlined in this book. The mean final in my classes has risen from a low C+ to a solid B since I’ve implemented the Dr. Eng’s recommendations. The interesting part is the number of A’s and B’s hasn’t changed much but it’s the students who made C’s in the past that are now in the B- to B range that has brought the course average up.