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Adjunct Lecturer

I recently read Teaching College by Norman Eng Ed.D. Can I just say WOW? I have recommended this short, easy to read guide to my university’s department chair so that the other 30+ adjuncts can learn and apply these useful and relevant tips. Visit Dr. Eng on his blog, too!



The author, a university professor himself, who has worked both in marketing and K-12 education, clearly masters his subject and provides numerous examples that make it easy to put into practice the strategies he proposes. For the sake of our students and of learning in general, I would recommend this book to anyone who stands in front of a classroom.

Mark Dust

Adjunct Lecturer

I completely changed the way I teach with the student engagement strategies outlined in this book. The mean final in my classes has risen from a low C+ to a solid B since I’ve implemented the Dr. Eng’s recommendations. The interesting part is the number of A’s and B’s hasn’t changed much but it’s the students who made C’s in the past that are now in the B- to B range that has brought the course average up.



This book completely change my approach to teaching college students. I’ve completely changed my class format based on Norman’s recommendations: More student participation, fewer PP slides (less content) and a syllabus that pops. I highly recommend this book for both new & experienced instructors to eliminate snoring students;-)

What Will You Learn?

How to create a syllabus that inspires and intrigues students to want to learn more . . . on Day 1.

How to get into the mindset of students so you can design lessons that resonate with them.

How to present with slides effectively so that it enhances, rather than duplicates what you say.

How to optimize class discussions and activities so students participate and engage all semester.

Who This is For

Professors & school Teachers

While this book is designed for college and university professors, the instructional approaches are rooted in K-12 education. Different audiences, yes (and even different developmental levels). Regardless, Teaching College works for both. You simply need to apply them to your particular class. 

College Administrators

Looking to improve the teaching level of your department or school? Teaching College will give you a good idea about the foundational ideas that can transform your staff's instructional capacity. If my system resonates with you, book a workshop with me.


Maybe you train a sales force or real estate agents. Maybe you provide monthly seminars for your company's staff. MAYBE you teach yoga. The Teaching College approach helps you think about your target audience and create presentations or trainings that resonate with them. That's all that matters.

They Say

A really useful book for any college professor who wants to move beyond lectures and give students deeper engagement. A practical, easy to read, and important guide for anyone in higher education.

Jo Boaler, phd, math education, stanford university

This is a terrific collection of tried and true teaching strategies that, unlike most other books on university teaching, is written for the adjunct or contingent university teacher, by someone who’s been there. 

karen kelsky, phd, founder, the professor is in

You will find useful insights and practical, actionable tips on every page, and all of it written in an approachable, conversational style. A must for anyone who teaches at the college level.

jennifer gonzalez, editor-in-chief, cult of pedagogy

Teaching College is easy to read, peppered with great tips, action steps, and illustrative videos, and brimming with ways to make your course and course materials personally relevant and interesting to your students.

linda nilson, phd, professor emerita, clemson university

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Is Teaching college appropriate for me?

The short answer: If you teach in any sort of way, YES.

Although this book was written for college professors, the instructional approaches are rooted in K-12 techniques. Furthermore, I've married these approaches with the best practices from marketing communication. This means that regardless of what you teach or who you teach, this book can help. Think about it: Audiences, whether they are students, colleagues, or customers react to instruction and presentation is often very similar ways. As long as you focus on their needs and address those needs, you will succeed. This book will give you the foundational approach and system for doing so. 

I've had readers/clients come from industries ranging from aviation to yoga to startups to (of course) schools.

I love the book! But i want to learn more - what can i do?

First off, if you read my book, thank you. 

Second, I've designed a companion course, called the Teaching College Masterclass, to give you a more in-depth walk-through of my system for instruction. It includes much more of the HOW, rather than simply the WHAT from my book. Find out details HERE

Do you provide services for coaching, workshops, or speaking engagements? 

Yes. Get a custom designed program that works for you and/or your staff. For details, go to the Training page HERE.

Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes. For the ebook (retail value US$14.99), there is a 20 percent discount for 20 copies or more. For the paperback (normally US$24.99), refer to the following:

  • 20 percent discount for 10 to 50 copies
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Contact us at support@teachingcollegemasterclass.com with your contact information, and amount you wish to purchase, and we'll set you up. 

Omeed Adham Sindy

[Teaching College] proved to be incredibly helpful in my teaching journey. It provided practical guidance on designing a syllabus that effectively engages students through the use of an active voice rather than a passive one . . . I recommend this book to anyone involved in teaching courses, leading workshops, or participating in learning and development initiatives.

Program Manager, GOOGLE /  Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, Northeastern Illinois University

Simple and Easy.

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